Wait why does this work so well?

I can actually focus on it rather than having g to reread like 3 times.

My company is obsessed with getting us together and ‘socialising’. A different kind of commute today, to a hotel for a ‘team building’ day/night. Some people’s idea of fun maybe, but my worst nightmare if I’m honest.

Good grief.

And because I’m now basically in profit, also managed to snag another addition to the big box CBM business software collection.

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Don’t know what problem Arc Solutions were solving, but it has a suitably retro look to it. Will have fun mapping those keys 😀

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Not having much luck with keyboards lately. The AlphaSmart 3000 had possibly the worst keyboard I’ve ever used, and today I returned the Keychron K4 as I just couldn’t get on with it. It looked the business but it was like I’d forgotten how to type. So ordered a nice, and much cheaper, old Cherry MX3000 (another 3000!!) from eBay. 🤞

Back to WFH today. So a much more relaxing morning, and hopefully polishing my adventure framework code at lunch time. Already having the sinking feeling I need to start again from scratch but that’s ok.

I've been thinking about reviving my old blog for a while now (redesigning it as well) and a question popped up.

What device do you use when reading a webblog that is not on tumblr?

:sharesloved: Boosts appreciated.

Commuting into the office today for no good reason that I can think of. Already grumpy. 😡

So the first one I manage to get isn’t even on this list! Still, it counts towards the collection.

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Anybody know of a pc keyboard that has the same feel as a BBC Model B / Master 128 keyboard? It was my favourite of the old school machines for typing. Loved the #c64 but the keyboard was too soft. #retrocomputing

I too can happily recommend all of these fine people for fun.

@notawizard @dddaaannn @josipretrobits
@mos_8502 @Wintermute_BBS

There are lots more but follow these and you'll find the others 😀

(I'm not giving up on retrodon)

Good Morning Everyone!

In my timezone it's friday morning and so I'd like to recommend to you the following accounts:



I suppose I'd better post something now there are other people around. Thinking this will be the geeky space Twitter once was.

Current Projects;
About 10 Spectrum games (mostly ports of early 80's arcade machines in a retro style)
A port of a famous Speccy game to the GB
A couple of Next games.
A ZX81 game (maybe)

#hamradio, #amsat and #TinyGS
Get new HF antenna up
Bunch of TinyGS experiments
New AmSat pi with 3x Quadrifilar Helix Antennas
Improved ADS ground station.
Learn CW

Only got one of these bad boys, Easy Script, but nowadays I’m more interested in business software from the 80s than games. Going to see if I can get the whole set.

Well well. I don’t understand how it can not only still works but there is still very usable ink in the ribbon! These things were built like tanks!

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