Well well. I don’t understand how it can not only still works but there is still very usable ink in the ribbon! These things were built like tanks!

@jonnypencils I'm not that surprised.

Even if the ribbon was totally dry, just adding a little moisture can bring them back to life.

@peter Quality is pretty good too. I don't write that many actual printed on paper letters anymore, but from now on, when I do, they will be matrixed with dots.

@jonnypencils @peter I gave my colour Star away to a guy circa 2007. He wasn't impressed with modern printers at the time so was pleased to get a dot matrix! I had some really nice quality black ribbons for it too, which I had picked up in a WH Smith sale back in the 1990s.

@confusedbunny @peter I have 1 spare ribbon but good to see they are still fairly widely available.

@confusedbunny @jonnypencils There's plenty of places with ribbons, sometimes even newly manufactured ones.

Just be careful of what price they are asking, have seen some at silly prices whilst others are pretty decent

@peter @confusedbunny Yeah that's what I meant 😂 - found a place selling them for like £3 so might just buy a bunch.

@jonnypencils @peter I did think you probably weren't referring to my comment that I managed to buy some in the nineties!

@peter @confusedbunny @jonnypencils
As for ribbons, I bought some typewriter ribbons a while back and the only place I found selling them for reasonable price was because the ribbons were so short I couldn't even get a page of text out of each one. 🤬

So it pays to be careful because there are some shysters out there. I now will test the waters from each seller and only buy a couple.

@notawizard @peter @confusedbunny Yeah good point. I’ve just ordered a couple here - seems fairly reasonable. Will see what they are like and then order a box full :)

@jonnypencils @peter @confusedbunny
My decaffienated eye read that as trollsdirect at first glance 😄

@confusedbunny @jonnypencils @peter Some would argue that the 90s started over 30 years ago. 🤣🤣🤣

@jonnypencils "Star LC-10, the printer for all your post-apocalyptic printing needs"

@jonnypencils Aaah, that well-known whizzing and screaching ... hmm ... need to get one myself for the sake of nostalgia!

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